John B.

Thanks to Mike and Rena, they have brought our old O’Keefe & Merritt stove back to life.  They are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable on vintage stoves.  We can highly recommend them to anyone!  John & John

Suzana N.

was ready to junk my old O’Keefe & Merritt stove — due to a broken oven door and years of having to light the burners with matches — and called RMR to see if they wanted it for parts. I’m so grateful I did. Mike told me all these things were easy to fix, which he and Rob did, for a fraction of the cost of the new stove I would have had to buy. During their house call, they pointed out all the unique features of my stove, which I didn’t even know about. I bought it used years ago, and am not exactly a Food Network-level cook. Mike & Rob are not only experts at what they do, but clearly enjoy their work. And I have a whole new appreciation for my stove. Such nice guys. They’re like the Click & Clack of stoves. You just want to have beer with them. And jot down their tips for better broiling.

Belinda S.

Great customer service, excellent knowledge, and went the extra mile on my 1950s Chambers. Would recommend to all who need him in a heartbeat!

K S.

This place was so helpful by phone. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t use their service this time, but I got the BEST advice on what to do with my vintage rentals. I WILL be back to purchase a restored vintage stove soon!

Lori b.

I  Called RMR because my 65 yr old oven stopped working.  I expected a bunch of “appliance double talk” but as soon as Mike answered the phone, I knew this was going to be different.  His first response was to say he wants to save me money so he was going to tell me how to fix it myself.  He said if that doesn’t work, call him back.  I called back and he gave me even more specific instructions…that worked.  What an incredible way to do business.  His pleasant personality was so refreshing.  I’m sure I’ll need him in the future.  It’s comforting to know I won’t have any reservations having him make a house call to help me next time. Thank you Mike!

Janet O.

New old stove from RMR is fantastic.  It is energy efficient as you can do a lot of cooking with the heat off.  It bakes excellent because it is so consistent and precise.  Yesterday I was in the middle of holiday baking and the stove would not ignite.  Today I asked for an appointment worried that something had gone wrong.  Within minutes I got an email for a quick fix.  Just reset the safety button and back in business.  That is exceptional service!  Thank you Rob, Mike and Reena for your high quality product and assistance during this cooking season.  I am loving my old stove and have time to bake goodies for my party today.

Michael M.

These guys are great.  We just moved into our home and the old Gaffer and Sattler range need some help. They not only fixed it, but he gave me a run down of all the features. Our only down side with them is that they are so busy they can not take on any new restoration work on old stoves.  Will have to wait and hope a call in the future they will have some time for the work. Would recommend them to anyone.